I am noticing my mind has layers to it. There is the immediate present layer that can focus on the task at hand, that can follow the breath or repetition, and there is the layer below that, the one that distracts from the breath or repetition, the one that wanders everywhere and chatters incessantly. The one who never shuts up.

But beneath that is another layer, a very odd layer, that makes things up. It may be the layer between fully awake and asleep. When I find that layer there are fleeting stories, less than a second long but some of them are fully told in that brief moment. I often cannot recall them afterward but here is one example. I was working on arranging flowers and I held a long stemmed rose in my hand that I needed to shorten. I was explaining to someone that everywhere I could cut it would shorten the mantra. What an amazing observation! I have thought on this many times since and it always brings back to me that all things in existence are their own mantra, the mantra the creator used to bring it into existence. Frequently this mind layer gives up a nugget like this, how to hold on to those choice bits becomes the game. Other layers? To be continued…




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