Art Workshops/Retreats/Getaways

This past weekend I went to my first major art experience at Donna Downey Studios in North Carolina. The featured visiting artist was Jane Davenport, the workshop Mermalicious and it was amaze balls!! I have taken almost all of Jane’s online classes, I’m smitten with her, her work, all that she has done for my art, etc., and when the opportunity came I jumped on it!! It was a bit pricey but it would be four days of fabulous Jane and that is priceless!!


I had no idea just how fantastic those four days would be!!! If you have a favorite art guru and they will be at Donna Downey Studios jump on the chance to go there!! Sell a child if you have to but GO!! I simply could not have fantasized anything close to what the experience was! I am still in the glow days afterward!

And again, the generosity of the art community we are building through online classes and in person events boggles the mind. I do not discount the fact that there are very few men involved in the courses I take and all the instructors are women. The ground rules are simple: dismiss the inner critic, offer positive feedback to others, be kind and helpful whenever you can. Comparison and competition will only injure the creative process because the point is to make my own authentic art. Making anything is always better than not because engaging in creativity, no matter what it is, changes the brain, forges new nerve pathways and releases endorphins. I always feel so much better in my heart and soul even if all I could catch was 10 minutes to sketch something.

What I found this past weekend was a room full of people from whom I could learn so many new things, I foresee my art growing by leaps and bounds and I like that! Many happy hours lie ahead in my studio, much fun to be had playing in the art supplies!